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One of the biggest obstacles construction projects face is not in the work itself but offsite at the regulatory level. Municipalities often maintain strict construction measures that require a lengthy and complex process of permits and approvals, placing the project in a precarious position — when so much time and investment may already be at stake. One of the many benefits of a partnership with Indigo is our municipal approval and planning service, which ensures that your ideas, objectives and dreams reflect regulatory requirements and standards while being resistant to future setbacks and impediments. We are thoroughly versed in the regulations of New York municipalities — granting insights into required approvals at every project stage while delivering up-to-spec construction quality.

policy framework

Particularly at the local level, even seemingly negligible renovations or custom projects can get bogged down in neighborhood planning and involve elected officials and city staff well before—and after—breaking ground. Construction projects are vulnerable to being voted down or stalled, with foresighted and professional planning essential to avoiding cost overruns due to local standards and regulations. To ensure success, we take great interest in public review, and are on the ground at a local level to anticipate any impending challenges resulting from voting and other regulatory processes. By trusting Indigo with your commercial, residential or industrial project approval and planning needs, you are safeguarding your time, budget and best interests from costly regulation — while giving your project the absolute best chance of success.

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Our end-to-end Municipal Approval and Planning Process ensures a concurrent use of time and resources in developing optimal construction plans while securing regulatory approval and preventing or resolving any public interest overlaps.

  • 1

    Provincial Legislative Framework

    We safeguard your construction or renovation goals with a review of up-to-date provincial and national building codes, fire codes and plumbing codes in preparation of planning and approval.
  • 2

    Municipal Framework and Zoning Bylaws

    We accommodate the municipal Official Community Plan (OCP) in accordance with future community development, growth and construction impact. Our project plans and designs adhere to local zoning bylaws and we are committed to an accelerated amendment process.
  • 3

    Development Application & Concept Plan

    We submit a complete and accurate development application with concept designs based on up-to-date building codes and zoning bylaws. We streamline any need for planning discussion or revisions following review.
  • 4

    Public Consultation

    We are committed to full public awareness and approval of your construction application and bringing any necessary bylaw amendments to attention quickly for an efficient resolution via meetings, hearings and voting.
  • 5

    Development Report and Recommendation

    We respond to any application guidelines and requirements as per the City Administration development report to ensure full municipal and public approval.
  • 6

    Development Approval

    We ensure optimized pre-and-post development approval timelines with full application, development and building permit preparedness.
  • 7

    Subdivision Plan and / or Construction Drawings & Servicing Agreement

    We work closely with legal surveyors and engineers to prepare construction drawings and subdivision plans pursuant to both development and building permits, which are then submitted to the City Administration to reach a Subdivision Servicing Agreement.
  • 8

    Infrastructure Construction

    We ensure that all development permits have been acquired, payments have been made, and the Subdivision Servicing Agreement is in place prior to beginning infrastructure construction.
  • 9

    Building Permit Application and Approval

    We submit a complete and accurate Building Permit Application in accordance with compliance, zoning and development bylaws, building, fire and utility codes, and infrastructure and servicing regulations for accelerated project approval.

Project Plan

As construction project planning specialists, Indigo devises a strategic and flexible project basis that can readily adapt to shifting scopes while factoring in foreseeable challenges and mitigating risks at every stage. We instill stakeholder confidence through cost-and-time effective use of technology, materials and labor in respect of project budgets and timelines, preventing cost and deadline overruns while achieving full program functionality and impressive results.


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