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Residential Development

With the resources to scale to any size project, Indigo takes pride in bringing the individual desires of home and property owners into focus — often resulting in some of our most distinctive craftsmanship.

Residential Properties

Our vast experience in residential construction is an opportunity for homeowners to do it all, from soft home improvements that require an expert touch to adventurous home remodels that create a refreshing and modern atmosphere, add home extensions, or outfit homes with revolutionary technology.

Essentials, Luxuries, and Innovations

We offer interior renovations and remodels including everything from kitchens and bathrooms to tile work, windows and doors, basement finish, painting, carpentry, plastering and custom home build-outs as well as exterior residential construction such as waterproofing, home extensions, decks, brickwork, painting, concrete, stucco, blue stone and more. When it comes to residential construction in the Tri-state, Indigo is recognized for its exceptional standards and history of top-notch performance thanks to a detail-oriented drive for customer satisfaction.

Dream Home Build-Outs, Renovations, and Remodels

Our full-service residential construction only requires you to envision your dream — and leave the rest in our capable hands. At Indigo, we partner closely with your architect to ensure materials and techniques are best-suited to your goals, the design is compatible with existing structures, the work has received municipal approval, and project completion is within your budget and timeline.

Our completed projects